Planning for future revenue and cash provisions is key to ensuring a sound future for your business.

Set a Firm Foundation

Your financial success starts with your books.  Do you have the proper processes and procedures in place to ensure compliance and provide a firm foundation from which to grow?  We can evaluate your controls and systems and design a plan that is aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Plan for Business Growth

A long term strategy begins with new customers, new products, and projected revenue growth.  We work to understand the unique trajectory of your business and provide a clear, concise plan for revenue growth.

Create an Appropriate Cost Structure

A growing business needs to also grow its costs, in a prudent fashion, to the proper scale.  Appropriate but lean is our approach.  Together we ensure you have the cost structure that you need to support your growth.  

Assess Long-Term Cash Requirements

As your business changes so do your cash requirements.  Included in a financial strategy is a detailed plan for cash.  Your needs are identified and a plan put in place so that your business growth is not hindered due to lack of funding.

Design & Execute Approach to Growth

Our experience allows us to develop complex business cases for mergers and acquisitions, capital funding, and strategic planning exercises.  Whether you need simple debt financing or late round equity funding, we can partner with you to produce insightful analyses and assessments to effectively communicate the value of your business to banks and investors and choose the partner that is right for your business.  Secure the funding you need for future growth.

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Core Competencies

  • Strategic Planning
  • Accounting systems and controls
  • Growth Trending
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Small Business / Start-up Funding
  • M&A Modeling
  • Project Leadership