Proven experience as a trusted business partner.


Corey A. Bohler, CMA - Managing Partner

With over 15 years of professional experience, Corey provides both a breadth of experience and a depth of expertise.  Corey has held senior level roles in financial planning & analysis and strategy as well as roles supporting product development, sales & marketing, manufacturing, supply chain and international business.

Corey obtained his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder with emphases in both Accounting and Finance.  His professional experience includes senior roles with several Fortune 500 companies encompassing medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, financial services, and manufacturing.

Why Alpine?

 Our Goals:  Make your business financially successful and provide you with financial peace of mind. 

What you stand to gain by working with Alpine: 

  • Greater financial stability = more time for you to build your business
  • Prudent long-term financial strategies
  • Mitigated business risks
  • Trusted business partner

Professional History:

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Constructed dashboard platform and metrics approach for several new international businesses.  
  • Conceived new business development modeling approach adopted as standard for $6B international financial services firm.
  • Launched new strategic planning process for $3B manufacturing company to align business strategy with financial considerations.  
  • Created Price/Volume/Mix dashboard tool for $100M devices business.  

Business Growth & Optimization

  • Uncovered $2M R&D tax credit for Product Development team. 
  • Constructed pricing and sales plan for several game-changing product launches.  
  • Added $2M to annual profitability for $500M financial services segment.  
  • Co-authored strategic white paper describing untapped market potential and future business alignment.  

Project & Process Management

  • Led and optimized multiple international planning processes. 
  • Patent:  "Money Transfer Systems and Methods"; a novel process for addressing key customer satisfaction issues of wait time and transaction efficiency. 
  • Enhanced profitability for growing business by 50-75% by recommending new business approach to partner value proposition and commission strategy. 
  • Recovered $1.0M of saleable product by driving updated controls and inventory reconciliation procedures.